Best IB schools in Warangal

Tinkering Lab

Wings of the Future

We’re undoubtedly one of the top private schools in Warangal. Why is that, you ask? To Spark the investigative and innovative spirit, we’ve set-up a tinkering lab. This space provides all the opportunities for the kids’ need to find answers by themselves. With a focus on developing problem-solving skills in children, our goals are quite inclusive in everyday life.

Areas of interest:
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics: Robotics have come a long way and enthuses kids to explore more of the science and technology behind engineering. We’ve created a humanoid robot that teaches various vital aspects of technology, such as:
    • Vision capabilities
    • Speech recognition
    • Animations
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Object tracking and more
  • Designing: Bringing their imagination to life; our designing space allows them to create 3-dimensional designs of an actual object or create a unique object of choice.
  • Coding & Programming: The world, today, runs on the internet. So, kids must learn about how to make the best use of technology.
  • Media & Design: Creating fluid and productive designs using world-class software and optimising their designs as required.
  • Aeromodeling: This module revolves around understanding the physics behind making an object fly. By making children realise the importance of each engineering path that plays a role in the aircraft industry, we give way for innovative thinking.