Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our School mission

At Skill Stork International School we aim to provide holistic education which encourages our learners to become inquirers for life.

Our independent and wise learners work together, to create and sustain a world that is caring, open-minded, balanced and peace-loving by thinking globally and acting locally.

School Philosophy

At Skill Stork International School we strongly believe in augmenting the teaching-learning experience of our learners, by delivering an enriching and edifying program.

We consider it our responsibility to nurture in our young minds self-discipline, mutual respect, compassion, open mindedness and moral conviction. We know that the learning process is a culmination of positive energies, satisfying natural curiosity and exceling in life. At the same time, authentic learning is purposeful when it helps students grow morally, spiritually and emotionally as well physically and intellectually within a diverse community.

Quality education is supported by a collaborative effort between home and school. Parents are encouraged to become active participants in all school activities.

Our school is committed in kindling the young minds to develop into analytical, well-informed, insightful and ethical global citizens who will work together to create a sustainable and pacific world.

Our goal is to help our students inquire, imbibe and inspire in all spheres of life.